Needs Funding : WANGATABUTHI PRIMARY SCHOOL – 4 New Classrooms

About the Project

A new site for ABW, Wangatabuthi Primary School has poor studying conditions and is in need of new classrooms. The school now has mud buildings for every grade, and one stone structure onsite. The mud classrooms are extremely dark and compact, with a very limited lifespan, requiring regular maintenance. New classrooms would give the school permanency, provide a conducive learning environment, and protect teachers, students and materials from the elements.


Kids are studying in extremely hot and compact mud classrooms.

The current classrooms are old mud buildings that are falling apart.

The staffroom is made of iron-sheet, covered in rust.

Quick Facts

Cost: $47,000
Location: Nyandarua County, Kenya
Start Date: 2024
Canadian Project Manager: Warren Schnoor
In-country Manager: Lawrence Mathea

Major Donors

To be determined

Partner Donors