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Ringa Primary School was established in 1983 just off a busy highway east of Kericho, Kenya. A Better World became involved in 2005, building four new classrooms. In 2013, Ringa Primary had 14 classrooms, 17 teachers and almost 500 students. In 2019, Ringa Primary School expanded into Ringa Secondary School and the first class of students registered in January 2019.

A few years after Ringa Primary was established, an old stone structure built by the government in 1988 was converted into the current administration block. The community then added four stone classrooms. The remaining classrooms were typical wooden, dirt-floored structures, though construction continued as parents built another stone building. A Better World became involved in 2005 and built four new classrooms a year later. The community participated in this project by having each child carry a large rock to school every day. On weekends, the parents would come to the school and hammer the rocks into gravel. Since that first project, with more help from the community, four more classrooms, a two-room preschool and bathroom facilities were added. A well was drilled and a hand pump installed. In 2013, Ringa Primary had 50 students in preschool and 430 students in Grades 1 through 8. 40 Grade 8 students wrote the national exam, and 50 students are expected to write in 2014. There are now 14 classrooms. 12 primary school teachers are employed by the Kenyan government and the parents have hired three more primary teachers and two preschool teachers. The school is trying a new revenue source by growing and selling maize. After a professional development workshop hosted by volunteer educators traveling with A Better World, average grades in the Ringa district rose, says Ringa Primary Head Teacher Christopher Rotich.


Two students outside Ringa Primary School
Head Teacher Christopher Rotich talking with Eric and Brian
A classroom at Ringa Primary School

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