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Completed : Ringa Primary School Kitchen

About the Project

As of 2018, Ringa Primary School had approx. 500 students. The school offers a meal program for all the ECD students and the Class 7 and 8 students.  The ECD students receive a porridge snack in the morning and then are provided with lunch along with classes 7 and 8. The food for this meal, as well as the cost of hiring a cook, is contributed by the parents. Due to the poor conditions of the current kitchen, lack of sufficient light and proper ventilation, A Better World along with community contributions are planning to build a new kitchen.  The construction of this kitchen will allow the school to implement a more substantial feeding program. Children who are fed at school are more likely to stay in school and are able to perform better academically.


Covered verandah completes the Kitchen..

Water harvesting for the kitchen is complete.

Kitchen completed
Kitchen completed
Stoves (Jikos) have been installed.
Kitchen nearly completed.
Roofing work has been completed.
Roofing work has been completed.
Walls have gone up
Walls have gone up
Foundation work has begun
Building materials being delivered
Building material delivered
The current kitchen at Ringa
The current kitchen at Ringa

Quick Facts

Cost: $12,650
Location:  Kericho, Kenya
Completed: January 2021
Project Manager:  Warren Schnoor

Major Donors

Joe and Linda Skwarchuk

William and Joan Skwarchuk