About the Project

A Better World has partnered with the Village Drill organization to help provide clean water for the nearly 1 billion people currently lacking access.

Engineered to last, the Village Drill was designed with simplicity, transportability, and durability as the guiding principles. With the ability to drill up to 150 feet, and then be quickly disassembled to fit in the back of a small truck for easy transportation to the next site.

Please Note: Although several attempts were made to provide water for Koige Primary school, Village Drill was unsuccessful. It was determined that the water table at Koige is 250 feet deep below ground level.


Starting the process of drilling the well at Koige

Starting the process of drilling the well at Koige

Quick Facts

Cost: $8,900 per well including tank
Location: Kenya – Koige Primary School
Start Date: October 2021
Project Manager: George Ford

Major Donors

George and Joyce Ford
Joanne Rowland
Wanda and Winston Jackson

Minor Donors

 Many Generous A Better World Donors