Completed : NDEU PRIMARY SCHOOL – Shallow Well & Irrigation

About the Project

This school was already the site of a successful shallow well. A Better World drilled another shallow well for the community. The well is now providing the school with water that they can use for drinking, cooking, washing and watering the plants in their garden.



The kids are enjoying the benefits of access to clean water.

Little gardeners at work, using the new water source to water their plants.

The new shallow well water system is now operational.

Drilling the well with a motorized drill

The school grows a garden that can be expanded with irrigation.

The school already has one shallow well for the school’s use.

Quick Facts

Cost: $1,900
Location: Lamu, Kenya
Completion Date: January 2024
Project Manager: Eric Rajah

Major Donors

Ponoka Secondary Campus

Partner Donors