Our Process

What happens to donations after they are given?

First of all, 100% of donations go directly to the projects. There are no overhead costs or hidden fees. We believe in transparency and honesty – you donated to a project, so the money goes to that project. Below, we’ve outlined the 5-step process used to create sustainable development in partnership with communities.

Step 1: Assess and Partner with a Community

Before starting a project, we personally visit to assess the community and meet the people and their leaders. We first ask what their priorities are so that we can meet their needs and fully support sustainable growth. We also make sure that the proposed project is on public land, that community partnership will be present, and that the work will coincide with our bylaws.

Step 2: Partner and Plan With the Government

We meet with the local government to ensure that they will support the partnership. Often, the government also partners with us and pledges a project of their own, such as teacher stipends, toilets, or repairs.

Step 4: Implement

We hire in-country contractors and workers to build capital projects—this stimulates the economy and provides jobs for the local workforce. Construction is monitored by in-country A Better World project managers. For service projects, such as dental work and surgery rehab, we partner with local professionals to provide care in-between and during our service trips.  Progress reports are posted on our website and shared with the donors.

Step 5: Follow-Up

We’re all about sustainable development—to make sure that our work creates long-term changes, we regularly follow up with the communities at each project site. Our in-country project managers make regular visits, and our staff and volunteers make several annual project monitoring trips. Then, we start the process again, working with the community to find the next priority.

Step 3: Find Funding

We can’t make the project a reality without compassionate people like you. Once a project is approved, we present it to our generous supporters. Projects in Need are listed here on our website. Then we wait until the funds have been raised. If you’d like to fundraise for a project, check out the campaign page.