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Captain Comprehensive School, formerly known as Captain Primary School, is a busy but high-achieving school in the Nyandarua district east of Nakuru. Its student registration has surged past 600 in 2023, including 80 children in ECD. Despite overcrowding and poor conditions, it was second in KCPE scores in its district. It serves a large slum area with the majority of its students in single-parent homes, and many homeless.

When ABW first visited, Captain had eight usable classrooms and a crumbling Early Childhood Development room, with 14 primary teachers sharing space. At least six classrooms needed repair or renovations. There were six doors of toilets for each of boys and girls, and two for teachers. It had a rudimentary kitchen, an old, dark administration block, and just one water tank connected to a rain harvesting system.


Captain Primary has a few stone classrooms.

Several of the older classrooms have fallen out of use.

The existing classrooms are beyond capacity in all grades.

ECD students are in a crumbling structure that needs to be replaced

The kitchen is tiny and hundreds of students need to be served food in a classroom.

Cramped, narrow benches under an open roof provide the eating area.

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