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Mahua Comprehensive School (formerly Mahua Primary School), established in 1991, is located northeast of Nakuru. It is barely adequate in size for its 200 primary students and 45 ECD children, but its facilities are aging and in desperate need of repair. Of the eight functional classrooms, only two had good floors when ABW first visited. Another was condemned due to a collapsing roof. Both levels of Early Childhood Development (ECD) were working in one classroom with a solid partition. The primitive kitchen and the staff room were made from fence boards and exposed to the elements, and the library was being used for storage.


Mahua Primary School is aging and in need of work.

Several classrooms are unfinished or deteriorating badly.

One classroom’s roof is collapsing.

The cramped kitchen is dark and smoky.

Teachers wove cardboard boxes in the fence-board walls of the staff room to keep the wind out.

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