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Rapogi Lwanda is a scattered rural village community in a sugar growing area of far western Kenya. The nearest public school in Rapogi township has over 120 students in some classrooms. The absence of a school at Rapogi Lwanda has been compounded by the large number of orphaned children cared for by the local Seventh-day Adventist community. Since 2012, donors from Canada and Australia have financed the construction of seven classrooms, offices, and most recently a dormitory which accommodates 80 orphans, 48 girls and 32 boys. Currently, the eight grades of Primary School have an enrolment of 400 children

The local community, though poor, is very supportive of the school project and contributes by way of the Rapogi Lwanda Self-Help Community Based Organization (CBO), which also acts as the building committee for the school project. The CBO committee meets regularly and seeks a sustainable future for their community.

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Entrance sign on the school grounds

Photographs of the Rapogi Primary school Dormitory at the grand opening ceremony

Students of the Rapogi Primary School