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About the Mission

The Segera Mission was started by Rev. Carlton Gleason after he first visited Kenya in 1998 and saw the tremendous needs. Rev. Gleason, called “Pappy” by all that knew him, started a medical clinic, a school, a feeding program for widows and orphans, and a mission outreach program in a remote area 40 miles from Mount Kenya in Northern Central Kenya. He died there at age 94, leaving behind a legacy of caring and love to the poorest of the poor. Currently, there are 141 boys and 144 girls being educated by 4 male teachers and 5 female teachers. The Segera Mission serves the local community by operating a primary school and clinic, while also teaching gardening and providing clean water to nearby communities.


Serge Musasilwa, Director of Segera Mission, with Rick Wiebe, project manager

Dr. Len and Barbara Wade provide nurses training at Segera Clinic
Students in the new classrooms
Students that attend the primary school
Keith Leavitt, ABW Education Director, dialogues with a Segera Teacher

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